Bringing three companies together with a unified vision.

Background and Challenge

From Patient-to-Payment, nThrive empowers health care for everyone in every community, transforming financial and operational performance to enable health care organizations to thrive.

In 2015, a private equity firm had previously acquired two companies, MedAssets and Precyse. MedAssets was split into two and one half was divested. The remaining half was merged with Precyse, creating a new company based in Alpharetta, GA with offices in nine cities and over 4,000 employees.

An interim brand named called “MedAssets+Precyse” was created as the company’s new strategy, positioning and brand were under development. A third company, Equation Health, was acquired to fill a gap in the offering and strengthen the company’s analytics capabilities.

Faced with a tight four-month deadline in order to capitalize on market opportunities and satisfy client demands, the objective was to quickly and seamlessly bring the three distinct organizations together. Creating a different kind of health care company that offers the broadest array of services, from patient access to appropriate realized revenue, the new entity needed to clearly stand apart from the many revenue cycle management firms in the marketplace. And, while doing so, bring internal teams from each company into alignment, creating a singular new brand, vision and purpose that energizes individuals from each of the three cultures and makes them excited to be a part of this company that aimed to transform health care.

What we did?

Brandigo believes that all brand strategy must first stem from a clear, inspiring vision of the of the organization. Driven by the brand purpose, Brandigo led the development of the Vision and Mission, using personal stories to help get to the core of why the team leaders had chosen to guide this new entity and what drives them.

Insight from extensive research, including both qualitative and quantitative internal and external research and competitive brand audits, were used to build the basis for the brand strategy, including three main components:
- Market perception and needs
- Competitive positioning
- Internal capabilities

Many competitors in the health care marketplace created significant positioning overlap. The Brandigo team knew, that to stand out, identifying a “differentiated sweet spot,” a unique place that only the company can own would be a priority. In the case of this new entity, the space in which they operate is known as the “end-to-end” revenue cycle. Several competitors have staked claims within this space, so this new company would create its own niche and create a new market terminology that only they could use. “Patient-to-Payment” was born. Now the company has a new space “to own” with its unique set of services and technology to build upon, perfectly aligning with the new company’s vision.

“We knew that undertaking a rebrand within such a tight timeframe was going to be a challenge, and partnering with Brandigo for this project was the right move. They understand the health care space and brand strategy, and have helped us create something that, internally and externally, people are getting behind.”

The Results

Shared vision
Genuine industry buzz
New brand identity

  • Brandigo helped bring together three companies under a shared vision, values and brand mission
  • Created a new brand identity reflective of the company mission
  • Generated a buzz in the healthcare arena, capturing the attention of colleagues, clients and the healthcare public
  • An internal survey of 601 nThrive colleagues revealed that more than 90% reacted positively to the new brand and branding process

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