Healthcare sector revenue cycle experts who help hospitals, large physician groups, academic medical centers, and health systems grow more cash and keep more patients.

Background and Challenge

Founded in 2007 as Precision Revenue Strategies (PRS) by a group of really intelligent Hawkeyes who had defined a better way for healthcare providers to address their self-pay collections, this new company brought a unique approach to this growing problem. Designed to transform their clients’ revenue cycles in a way that would not only increase patient payables, but also turn the whole experience into a customer service opportunity, PRS delivered a level of transparency and performance uncommon in the industry.

This new approach was a distinct departure from competitive offerings, yet the company faced a problem: many providers viewed outsourced revenue cycle management as on par with simple bad debt collection. PRS realized that to overcome this significant hurdle regarding prospects’ incorrect perceptions, they would need some significant help with their branding. They turned to Brandigo for assistance.

What we did

Brandigo began by initiating our comprehensive, market research approach to:
- Determine what the competitive landscape looked like
- Uncover the whole story of how customers and employees perceived PRS
-Identify possible opportunities for differentiation

Brandigo first undertook a comprehensive competitive brand audit to determine how “alternatives” to their solution positioned themselves. Next, Brandigo conducted in-depth interviews with a dozen former, current and prospective clients to garner not only current perceptions but to better understand what they value in a firm such as PRS. This culminated in an all-team, interactive workshop that engaged PRS employees with the findings of the research and brand strategy possibilities. It’s why we refer to it as an “Opportunity” Workshop.

Through this process, we realized there was a particularly strong opportunity for creating a brand strategy that was based on a true differentiator in the world of healthcare revenue cycle management — the PRS employees themselves.

Our research repeatedly highlighted that most if not all the organization’s people were highly educated industry professionals and not the normal folks one usually imagines calling upon patients for payment. We used this fact as a springboard to position PRS as a different kind of RCM company. Brandigo’s proven brand matrix methodology fleshed out this point of distinction and others, and provided a solid brand positioning platform from which all the company’s marketing would evolve.

Then there was that name, which not only confused us but was also, as the company itself had realized, creating considerable confusion in the marketplace. Too many companies offering a host of disparate, healthcare-related products and services had similar-sounding corporate monikers. Not to mention, the name had very little, if any, pizazz. Brandigo created a new name and brand identity that represented the company’s laser focus on healthcare and the considerable new energy it brought to revenue cycle management — “MediRevv.” We built an entire platform around it, right down to the collective name of the company’s employees, from then forward to be known as “MediRevvers.”

Of course, if this new brand approach was going to be successful, it would require not only acceptance from those very MediRevvers, but also a deep understanding of their individual roles in bringing the strategy to life every day. With that in mind, we implemented our Strategy Fluency process, a highly thoughtful and engaging methodology that is critical because it bridges brand strategy with successful strategy implementation. The enthusiastic internal response ensured that the new strategy was implemented by a staff that was connected to and invested in it. Quite simply, MediRevvers “owned” it, and laid the foundation for the development of a brand-centered corporate culture that would drive unprecedented future growth. Shifting our focus outside the organization, we developed an integrated awareness initiative that brought this new brand’s fresh new approach to life externally. In addition to a new website and comprehensive direct marketing campaign, we’ve extended the brand’s story through social media with a two-fold strategy that blends traditional media for coverage and the community to support MediRevv’s challenge of continually locating and hiring qualified employees.

To drive growth, Brandigo created and continues to manage an ongoing lead-generation campaign using highly effective inbound marketing techniques that tightly link MediRevv’s marketing and sales operations.

Working closely with company leadership, our team identifies opportunities and develops content such as eBooks, webinars, tip sheets, white papers, an Brandigo-authored blog driving SEO and more. We also developed, manage and execute upon MediRevv’s social media strategy, pushing out the aforementioned blogs and other content through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more to engage existing clients and other followers; attract qualified prospective clients; communicate regularly with current MediRevvers; and to recruit new, qualified employees.

Brandigo has been instrumental in managing and guiding us through our company’s rebranding. They have created an entirely new identity for us and helped us promote our brand effectively in the marketplace. The results of our partnership have been dramatic.

The Results

335% Y-o-Y growth
Unprecedent number of leads
Huge employee growth

  • Marketplace awareness of MediRevv has skyrocketed and the company’s growth has been explosive
  • Qualified leads are at an all-time high and continue to increase each month
  • Revenue has grown an impressive 335% over the four-year period of our relationship thus far
  • The company’s size has grown as well, precipitating the need for MediRevv to build a second 26,000-square-foot facility. MediRevv now employs over 250 MediRevvers, compared with fewer than 30 when the relationship with Brandigo first started

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