DSM is one of the largest supplement and fortification product manufacturers in the world.

Background and Challenge

In China today, many people are ignorant of the essential nutrients they need to give their little ones the best start in life. This includes low intakes of key nutritional lipids (omega-3s) such as DHA.

Brilliant Health was designed to communicate how supplements and fortified foods and beverages with DSM’s premium omega-3 DHA brand life’sDHA can improve the health of Chinese people from the moment of conception right through to early childhood and beyond. This campaign was part of a long-term retainer relationship with DSM, which included annual themed campaigns.

The campaign delivered by Brandigo was focused on five key goals:
- Highlight DHA and life'sDHA benefits
- Draw attention to DHA as a vital part of a healthy pregnancy and early life
- Build interest and awareness through the use of a famous doctor from the UK combined with a local paediatrician
- To demonstrate to DSM partners the marketing support available for DSM customers in China
- To make a media impact focused on Shanghai, Beijing and east China

What we did

A pregnancy and early life survey asked urban Chinese mothers aged 30-40 about their child’s supplementation, diet and lifestyles. The results formed the basis for a number of news stories to engage media and provided content for social media outreach.

For example, findings show 73% of Chinese moms are worried about their child’s brain health, but only 34% can identify foods or vitamins that are beneficial to the brain.

The purpose of the event was to highlight the ‘survey findings via a consumer-friendly, informative media event including UK TV personality Dr Hilary Jones, alongside a Chinese paediatrician. They both engaged the media and customer stakeholders about the unique qualities of Omega-3 DHA, along with recent studies that show the benefits for prenatal infants and children in early life, and the current shortcomings of Chinese nutrition.

Attendance by over 80 media from health, lifestyle and general media resulted in major coverage countrywide. Over 30 DSM customers also attended the event. Key customer products were highlighted as part of the event decoration – resulting in both a pull from consumers as well as push to fortification and supplement partners.

Brandigo China immediately gained an understanding of the science and background of our company and products and quickly developed a clear direction of execution. I couldn’t imagine working with a better agency in China.

The Results

100+ media placements
25 million impressions

  • Over 100 placements including front page and feature stories in leading lifestyle and specialist publications in Beijing and Shanghai
  •  30,000 WeChat views
  • 25 million impressions

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