While Trump’s American Health Care Act was pulled late last week and a new bill is most likely in the works, this study reveals that Americans are not as anxious to leave Obamacare just yet

Newburyport, MA – March 30, 2017 – Brandigo today unveiled the results of their Spring 2017 Brandigo American Health Care Act (AHCA) Survey in which respondents were asked questions about their coverage under Obamacare/The Affordable Care Act, and how they feel about a new plan (AHCA) in comparison.

Brandigo’s report is based on exclusive survey data collected in mid-March 2017 to consumers representing every major region across the country.

Overall, while respondents were pretty aware of the AHCA, there was a collective hesitancy towards a replacement plan, with many having an overall positive or neutral opinion of their current coverage under Obamacare/ACA.

Among the most interesting findings:

  • 52.4% of respondents are against a replacement plan altogether
  • 50.5% feel that their coverage will at least worsen a little with a new plan
  • 62.9% perceive that less people will be covered under the AHCA as compared to Obamacare/ACA
  • 41.9% list quality of care as their number one concern with a change in healthcare legislation, topping both the cost of premiums and deductibles.

“The results from our survey are an important reminder to providers that a good portion of their patient population is concerned about declining coverage, which means high quality patient care and putting a priority on patient experience is always a top priority to encourage loyalty in these uncertain times,” said Matt Bowen, president of Brandigo\North America.

For more detail of the survey results, please download Brandigo’s Spring 2017 AHCA Survey infographic here http://hubs.ly/H06VY4D0

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