Research has shown that less than 5% of associates understand their organization’s brand strategy.

For it to succeed, every employee must understand it and be on board. We call this “Strategy Fluency™.” This critical phase ensures that your strategy resonates and is implemented to its fullest by aligning and connecting it with the mindset of your people.

After all, what good is a brand strategy if it’s not understood by your employees?

When executed properly, your brand will play a significant role in driving employee attitudes and behaviors — it will be the force that helps to identify the employees’ place within the organization and their position within the overall brand strategy.

The best brand strategies are executed from the inside out.

Brandigo aligns the internal team by giving the brand a tangible and meaningful story. Through our unique combination of tools, including engagement sessions and technology, we help ensure that everyone in your organization — no matter where they may be around the globe — clearly understands your strategy and what their specific role is for moving it forward, every day.

Problems we solve:

How do I get my team excited about the brand?

How do I communicate the brand strategy to employees on all levels of the organization?

How do I develop a company vision and mission that resonates internally?

How do we help associates understand their role in executing against the brand strategy?

Empower your team with Brandigo’s strategy-employee alignment services:

Internal Brand Campaigns

Employee Surveys and Benchmarking

Performance Measurement and Feedback

Company Values and Mission Statement