On paper, M&As almost always make sense, they are a viable source of inorganic growth. So why is it then that up to 90% of M&A’s fail to live up to their planned potential?

The root of the failures likely lies in the fact that the newly formed entity often finds itself struggling to identify what the new company will look like and what it will stand for. Mergers and acquisitions often involve executives that are hyper-focused on the financial aspect and too often neglect the less tangible brand discussions. Brand is often treated as an afterthought, not discussed until well after the merger or acquisition is final — and by then it’s far too late. The lack of focus on bringing the two (or more) cultures together with a solid merger and acquisition brand strategy results in a disjointed and misaligned mess that includes varying cultures, processes, visions, and brand strategies.

Brand strategy must be leveraged to ensure the merger or acquisition delivers value with a clearly aligned vision and mission, people and processes.

Problems we solve:

Where do I begin to bring brand into our M&A discussions?

How do we utilize our product/service portfolio to tell a better brand story?

How do we use brand to bring distinct cultures together?

How should data drive important brand decisions?

Ensure your merger or acquisition is successful with Brandigo’s suite of merger and acquisition brand strategy services:

Strategic Alignment of Culture, People, and Processes

Brand Narrative and Story Development

Brand Architecture Alignment

Development of Merger and Acquisition Rebrand Roadmap

Internal and External Communications Strategy

Visual Identity and Brand Experience Design