The CMO’s Guide to China Marketing

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Updated for 2021, the Brandigo team share their wealth of China marketing experience to bring you 10 top tips to make your brand's China marketing strategy more effective.

What's Inside

Our Shanghai-based China Marketing team has been developing and implementing some of the most effective China marketing strategies for all kinds of businesses for over 15 years. And they’ve got the international marketing awards to prove it.

In the latest edition of The CMO’s Guide to China Marketing, we tap into all their experience to present our ten top tips which we will know will have a positive impact on any China marketing strategy.

In this free eBook we offer advice on all aspects of China marketing including:

  • - Maximizing the effectiveness your China social media platforms, in particular WeChat.
  • - How to strike the right balance when it comes to localizing your brand.
  • - How to choose the right marketing technology.
  • - How to ensure you are giving your China customers the best possible digital experience of your brand.

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