It has been a pleasure working with Mike, Leo and the team at Brandigo China. They helped to localize our TrueBroc® product into Chinese, including the brand name, website, samples and advertising. They bring a great mix of consulting along with creative agency experience that has been very beneficial to our brand entry in China. I look forward to working with them in the future.

Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Brassica Protection Products

How we helped:

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    Website localization
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    Logo design
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    Advertisement design
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    Media relations
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    Packaging design

Brassica researches and develops nutritional ingredients derived from cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, kale, brussels sprouts etc. They have a specific brand of an antioxidant used in food and supplements called TrueBroc®, made from broccoli seeds. The company has spent years planning to introduce this ingredient to the China market, targeting beverage and nutritional products manufacturers, as well as supplement makers.. Because TrueBroc® is a new product in a crowded market, it was vital that we could create a connection with the Chinese target audience.

First, we helped create a Chinese brand name for TrueBroc®. We did this through a series of creative sessions, followed by extensive testing and ordering in the target market. Negative connotations were eliminated, and the new Chinese name was tested in all major Chinese dialects to ensure it contained a positive sound and meaning.

TrueBroc® has a global website, but they needed to localize it for the China market – this meant not only translating content, but making sure that the content and graphics were relevant for a Chinese audience. As TrueBroc® is a new product in China, the information not only needed to be appealing to a Chinese audience, but also serving to educate on the key benefits of the supplement. Brandigo helped TrueBroc® with the task of translation of existing content, as well as developing Chinese messaging relevant and appealing to the Chinese target audience.

In addition to helping localize existing marketing collaterals, Brandigo helped TrueBroc® to develop an advertisement for magazine placement in the industry leading publication, Herbridge. It was important to develop an advertising design that highlighted TrueBroc®’s unique selling points in order to expand brand awareness, as well as to educate people of what the product is and the benefits. The ad has helped raise awareness of the ingredient and define this new category.

In line with these same objectives, Brandigo helped to develop the packaging design for TrueBroc® sample tea bags , with carefully crafted messaging aimed at communicating to potential distributors that this ingredient has been widely applied into food and beverage products.