How we helped:

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    Chinese Website Design
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    Content Creation and Localization
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    H5 Animated Page Creation
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    Chinese Social Media Management - Including WeChat & Weibo


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    Website and social media visits have increased tenfold


Teleperformance is the largest BPO (business process outsourcing) company in the world, reaching 20% of the world’s population every year through their call centers and customer support. With five offices in China and over 5,000 employees, the company was still struggling to obtain an appropriate level of brand awareness within the China market. They enlisted Brandigo to help create culturally appropriate and on-target messaging for target audiences, enhance social media channels, and develop a website specifically optimized for Chinese user.


Brandigo began by analyzing Teleperformance’s current social media channels, including Baike, Baidu, Weibo and WeChat. Based on this analysis a recommendation for each channel, as well as a social media content plan for WeChat and Weibo was developed. After designing and launching their WeChat minisite, we continued by creating visually impactful WeChat posts, focusing more on infographics and visuals than text heavy posts. These posts were specifically designed to look appealing to a Chinese audience, but still retained a global feel to keep in line with the brand guidelines.

Brandigo reviewed the Teleperformance website and created a new China specific website, designed and developed from scratch, and optimized for Chinese users. We also localized over a dozen white papers, and developed original white papers focusing on aspects of China. Our in-house brand experts, copywriters, and designers worked together to develop on-target and meaningful content.


Visits by Chinese visitors to the website and social media channels have increased tenfold — helping to increase awareness and understanding of Teleperfomance in China.