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Effective China Marketing

We inspire action & feeling. We reach Chinese customers of top global brands in both consumer and B2B industries through the most effective channels. We do this through creative, effective marketing communications campaigns based on measurable data, customer insights, and the smart use of technology and modern media.

We do this through a deep understanding of your target audience – for B2B as well as selected consumer industries, based on smart strategy and practical, up-to-date tactics to reach them. Our team, based in Shanghai, includes strategic planners, Chinese copywriters, designers, digital gurus and media relations/influencer experts.

Brandigo works with global clients in complex industries – in B2B sectors we work in chemical, industrial, automotive and food sectors. Our consumer practice works with global brands such as Costco to effectively target Chinese consumers and build brand awareness in the market.

We have a thorough understanding – with 16 years of experience in China – of what works and how to compel your target customers to action. Some examples of the types of work we do:

  • Develop and implement a lead generation/ABM campaign for a global semiconductor company
  • Launch Costco’s first warehouse store in China, supported by a full PR, advertising and social influencer (KOL) campaign. Create all of their content for WeChat and other channels
  • Launch of Goose Island Beer, with a full PR and influencer campaign, event planning and support, and development of digital assets including a website and social media channels
  • Development of digital assets and a media tour of key trade shows for the United Kingdom Department of International Trade, to promote British gin, cheese, meat and seafood
  • On-site trade show support for a major global chemical company, including setup of industry and TV interviews, and management of a live webinar
  • Insight research to understand the complex target audience and touchpoints for a global heat exchanger company
  • Support the launch of a major office paper brand, with media, advertising, Baidu PPC, influencers, digital experience, and onsite event support
Members of Brandigo's China Marketing team

8 reasons why clients hire us:

  1. To bridge the gap between the global marketing and communications teams, and the local sales and marketing teams. We know what really works and what doesn’t.
  2. To setup and manage your social media presence in China. Our content creation team is experienced with all things WeChat and beyond.
  3. To localize your brand in a smart way. We understand the balance between the global brand and local consumer and client needs.
  4. To launch a new brand in China, with just the right positioning, messaging, and using the most effective platforms and channels.
  5. To research and understand what your target audience is really motivated by, and what touchpoints we can use to reach them.
  6. To develop digital campaigns, with the support of sophisticated digital assets and platforms.
  7. To manage marketing campaigns in complex B2B industries, with long sales lead cycles and complicated value chains.
  8. To bring a communications expertise layered with digital tools and know-how.

Our Services Include:

  • Fully integrated China marketing & communications campaigns
  • Social media marketing (WeChat, Little Red Book, etc.)
  • Digital marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Media Relations/PR
  • Brand localization for China
  • Account-based marketing
  • Media purchase
  • Baidu PPC

Featured Work

Food is Great (UK Department for International Trade)

Promoting Great Britian’s most popular F&B products to Chinese consumers.



Promoting cutting-edge screen technology to mobile phone manufactures.


National Instruments

Getting Chinese semiconductor test engineers excited for world-class products and services.