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With over 30 years of combined brand strategy and marketing communications experience, Brandigo is focused on business growth to help clients scale faster and more efficiently.

Manchester, UK – September 15, 2017 – Global brand strategists and marketing communications experts Brandigo have opened an office in the UK. The company will serve clients across Europe by developing global brand strategies that powers business performance and drive sales through a combination of data, customer insights, B2B knowledge and implementation excellence.

Brandigo was formed this year as what was formally Aloft Group, in the USA, and Adsmith, in China, joined forces. Now, they are seeking to expand their global reach with Brit John Sutton, formally of the Shanghai office, at the helm in the company’s UK headquarters on Mount Street, Manchester.

“The opportunity to carry the Brandigo torch back home is hugely exciting. We are coming to the market with tools that enable brands to differentiate and perform like never before,” said John. “Our approach is one that will allow marketers in the UK and Europe to show tangible, measurable brand successes that impact on business performance and translate onto the balance sheet.”

Brandigo will scale up their operations in the UK over the coming months, and John will also leverage his experience in Shanghai to advise businesses on China marketing strategy with the support of colleagues in Asia.

Mike Golden, president of Brandigo China, commented: “China still represents an enormous opportunity for growth for Western companies. To date much of the market growth has focused on consumer products, but as China’s middle class and domestic business economy continues to grow new and unprecedented opportunities exist for B2B technology companies. Manchester was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, and Britain is still a leader in innovation with a world-renowned cultural output. We’re looking forward to expanding our footprint and working with brands that want to expand nationally and internationally.”

“Brandigo offers a smarter and more effective approach to business performance and growth using brand as the driver,” said Matt Bowen, president of Brandigo North America. “In the US and in Asia, we have been a catalyst for company growth and brand development. John has a global team behind him in Manchester, whose insights and experience will be invaluable in brand strategy development in the dynamic UK market.”

 About Brandigo

Brandigo is a global brand strategy and market growth firm that powers business performance through a market insights and data-driven approach that unifies vision, business strategy, brand strategy, and marketing execution. Brandigo helps transform organizations into market leaders by uncovering distinct, research-based strengths, overcoming perceived weaknesses, and aligning organizational architectures. Brandigo has offices north of Boston in Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA, and in Shanghai, China. For more information, please visit