President, Brandigo∖North America

“An organization’s brand should be its most valuable asset. That requires engaged minds and hearts.”

Brand Experience

I’ve had the fortune to help some fantastic brands either get that way or raise the bar and go higher. I’m a strategy person at heart, but I especially love the human interaction with brands — from both customers and employees. Technology has fantastically enabled brands to interact more with their customers than ever before, but remembering that the person we are interacting with is just that — an individual — is critical to success. I really enjoy brand challenges, whether they be from an international company, a merger of companies, or a start-up that wants to change the world.  I especially love working with, and admire, leaders of companies who want to be bold and do something meaningful.

Life Experience

So I may be a strategist at heart, but what fuels that is my creative and inquisitive nature. I love doing things that require both mind and body. From cultural cooking to global travel to building things to outdoor exploration, I think of this all as one big adventure — an opportunity to learn, create, contribute and share. Oh, yeah … and laugh, a lot.