Optimizing your website and social media for China means abandoning strategies and platforms that may work in the West. That’s where we come in.

We are native digital thinkers; our process of understanding messaging and target personas works perfectly for website development, e-PR, and Chinese social media, including WeChat and Weibo. Our digital and social team can plan and implement complex digital strategies that leverage your existing content into the complicated China digital ecosphere.

Problems we solve:

How do I optimize our website with usability design (UX) for a Chinese target audience?

What is the best way to set up and manage official WeChat and Weibo accounts?

How do we set up and manage Baidu Adwords accounts?

Where do I begin with integrating our global strategies with China digital implementation?

Ensure your Chinese target audience is able to interact with your brand online with Brandigo’s digital services:

Website development & localization

Social Media


SEO copywriting

Community management

Baidu Adwords