By analyzing target audience behavior, and proactively identifying their information sources, preferences, and pain points along the customer journey, we help you create an effective and targeted marketing action plan.

We help our clients to conduct the relevant research by providing actionable, valuable insights into your target customers, from their touchpoints to the content that resonates with them. Our methodology includes a detailed analysis of your competitor’s position and messaging so that you can truly differentiate in China, with an accent on your own points of differentiation.

Problems we solve:

What are the pain points and preferences along a customer journey?

How do we conduct accurate qualitative and quantitative research in China?

How do I find the appropriate channels for each product and target group?

How do we analyze both domestic Chinese competitors and foreign competitors?

Position your brand strategically in the China market with Brandigo's brand insights services:

Qualitative interviews

Focus Groups

Online Behavior analysis


Social media listening