“Brand demand is created through the experience you provide. Make it count.”

Brand Experience

I’ve always found the experience someone has with a product, tool or company to be fascinating. I was lucky enough to find my way into the marketing department and was given the opportunity to influence such experiences. I’m a data-driven digital marketer, obsessed with understanding what makes people work and what information people just need to have. Because the digital world is always changing, I’m constantly learning something new — there forever will be something trending. I try to experiment with those trends on a daily basis with our clients, helping them to create that unique, lasting experience with their brands.

Life Experience

When I’m not living and breathing all things digital, I recharge on a spin bike, instructing to the beat of the best new songs. But of course I can’t stay unplugged for long. I consider myself a professional yelper and live and die by what I can find on Google. If you need to know what new restaurants you should try, I’ll find you a few things on Google to read and suggest a few Yelp reviews that might help!