Senior Account Manager

“I believe that a brand can be tangible; it can be seen and enjoyed. In order to bring out the best in clients, I encourage them to imagine their brand as something they can hold, then consider how we can improve it from there. “

Brand Experience

I have a diverse cultural and linguistic background that has given me a unique understanding of digital marketing. I love working with brands and pushing them to think outside the box. The answer is sometimes much more simple than people think. One of my favorite things about working in this industry is learning about brands and their products and services they offer. I get very involved in each case. While I have a knack for languages, I consider myself to be methodical and data-driven when it comes to my work.

Life Experience

Having lived in German-speaking countries for close to 10 years, I developed a love for the German language and culture. The experiences that I have had traveling, and continue to have, feed my curiosity and love of an active life.