Graphic Designer

“A brand is the constructed concept that distinguishes one business’s products from another, through the art of design we can bring this concept to life. “

Brand Experience

What I enjoy most about graphic design is bringing ideas to life. Often in branding, a careful calculation has been made: there are specific strategies to be carried out, but the design element takes all of this into account and creates something that evokes a feeling, a desire. I feel accomplished when I have made something that moves people, whether it is an infographic or a WeChat post, the design must embody the message. In working with our clients, I have come to have a greater appreciation for web design and I enjoy the fast pace at which this platform changes and evolves, leading to new opportunities for brands to connect with their target audience.

Life Experience

I enjoy going out and finding things I think are beautiful and interesting and then learning how to recreate them in my own way. Design trends are always changing and evolving, the possibilities are endless, I keep myself up-to-date by enjoying movies, music and art exhibitions in Shanghai. To relax after a long day spent perfecting designs in Photoshop I destress by exercising and reading a book.