Branding Associate

“Data not only serves as a tool of measurement for a brand but carries with it valuable insights about each consumer and aspect of a brand. You cannot understand a brand without first understanding the data.”

Brand Experience

I have had the opportunity to learn about various industries and consumer preferences through my study of data. I see this as not only an added benefit to my work but something that continues to help me to piece together the successful elements of a brand beyond the numbers. I consider my job as the foundation of a brand. My opinions are strong because I have objective data to back them up. One of the most thrilling parts of my job is presenting a report to a client, I welcome their curiosity and questions and enjoy being able to discuss brand strategy as something tangible and concrete.

Life Experience

I spent the last part of my college and post-graduate degree years in Sweden. This opportunity has given me an international experience that I bring with me to my work with foreign brands in China. I enjoy traveling and making new friends along the way. Getting to know people of different cultures and backgrounds has improved my communication skills. And, because I love to collect data, these interactions continue to provide me with observations about human behavior that I consider in my daily work.