“The purpose of establishing a brand is to give products a reliable label, and the reason why advertising exists, is to make this label trustworthy.”

Brand Experience

Since the first time I came into advertising until this day I have always strived to bring creativity into my work. I enjoy being a copywriter, I have the unique opportunity to it learn new things everyday that I never would have discovered. Especially working in B2B I find the experience challenging and incredibly rewarding.

Life Experience

I have had the opportunity to travel the world, spending nearly one year as a volunteer teacher in Cambodia, studying in the US, and growing up in Hong Kong throughout my childhood. All of these experiences have characterized me as a broad-minded and perseverant individual, and also given me the confidence and inspiration to live my life differently than those around me. As a quiet writer, I am outgoing among my close friends. I like traveling around the world and meeting people along the way, listening to their stories and learning from their experiences.