PR Manager

“Brand is the impression of a company or a product held by consumers. As an agency, our responsibility is to help our clients discover this and present it in the strongest way to their target audience. “

Brand Experience

I have been working in the PR/media industry for over 10 years now and can personally attest to the fast pace and complexity of the China market. I have enjoyed helping clients through the years communicate with the media to spread their brand awareness in China. Having the capacity to work with both clients and the media has fostered my appreciation for communication and the importance of a clear brand strategy. The media landscape in China is very different from what many foreign brands are used to. Due to this, I have learned to balance expectations with reality to create the best results for our clients and their brand.

Life Experience

I enjoy working in a multicultural office environment; it is something I could never have expected and I appreciate the office culture we have here in our office in Shanghai. While I’m not in the office I enjoy collecting and growing small cactus plants, reading and riding bicycles when the weather is nice. I enjoy finding new art galleries and parks. Looking for beautiful things in ordinary places is what has always inspired me in my personal life and my career.