Engagement Manager

“A brand is a company’s most valuable asset, but also its most intangible. By aligning strategy, messaging and energizing the whole organization behind change, we dare you to be different.”

Brand Experience

The most exciting cases I work on are the ones where clients realize it isn’t how they perceive the company that counts, but how their target customer does. That’s the moment it all begins.

By engaging with internal stakeholders and gathering insights into how an organization is interpreted from the outside, I work with my clients to differentiate their message and elevate their brand, driving results that translate into measurable business successes.

Life Experience

Newness scares people, but it also reinvents them.

After career changing from journalism to marketing via a cross-continental move as a trailing spouse, I understand hesitation about the unknown. My goal is to convince people to try something different, challenge the conventions that constrain them, and redraw their corporate map.

Then, I walk the route with them.