“One of the most important and delicate aspects of localization is great copywriting. The copy must capture the core values of the brand while translating and transforming the message to fit a new audience. “

Brand Experience

My background is physics, but I have worked as a book and web editor for many years. I consider copywriting to be a bit like physics in that you are looking for a way to explain things that are often intangible. A brand is not something that you can touch or feel, but it is an aggregation of concepts and truths. I feel motivated by the fact that I help brands tell their story. I am the interface between a brand and their target audience.

Life Experience

In my spare time, I also enjoy writing and translating net literature. It gives me extra inspiration for my copywriting at Brandigo. When I’m not busy working out my fingers on the keyboard, I like to check out popular social spots around Shanghai. There are always new and exciting places to see and experience with friends.