HR Manager

“Brand is something created by the public, subject to their judgment, experiences, and needs. “

Brand Experience

I work with people, and through my job I get to know all different types of people and help through a wide range of issues. Each staff member is different, so I have to use a wide range of skill and knowledge to be able to bring the best to my team each day. HR is a bridge within the enterprise, so I need to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to strike a balance between employer and employee. It is also vital for me to keep in mind that brand doesn’t just reflect a product or service, but a whole organization, and I take pride in being an integral part of this development.

Life Experience

I feel a real sense of achievement when I am able to help my colleagues, and as such, I have been drawn to HR for many years. I enjoy our multi-cultural environment here and it encourages me to keep learning new things outside of my job. In my spare time, I enjoy bike riding and traveling. I especially like to seek out interesting and unusual experiences when I travel.