Account Manager

“Brands give us something we can relate to, and generally our brand choices reflect our self-image and reveal the specific lifestyle we desire.”

Brand Experience

My job offers me the chance to get involved in almost every step of a project from conception to implementation. Making things happen is always the source of the great happiness and job satisfaction.

I have worked in many situations where cross-culture communication is a part of daily life. This experience makes me better understand the mindset of the clients from differing cultural backgrounds and help me come up with mutual-benefit solutions. For foreign brands, often they may find it’s difficult to market in a place like China, since many popular communication channels or social platforms are not available. It’s challenging work to help these foreign brands build up confidence in Chinese media platforms and make the most of their communication efforts in China, but it is also extremely rewarding to see these same brands succeed and grow.

Life Experience

My work experience in both U.S. and China have made me accustomed to stepping outside my comfort zone and opening up to new creative bold ideas from other team members.

I found that thinking about the bigger picture and searching beyond the current boundaries of my work always helps me to see more possibilities and more approaches that ultimately help me to fix the issues I currently face.

Outside of the office I unwind with all kinds of workout…swimming, rock climbing, rowing and etc., and Pilates is one of my favorites. Not only does it help build stronger body, it also gives me enough energy to think clearer, prioritize the work better, and raise the focus for hours afterwards. Getting the heart rate up for a few minutes in the mornings, and then getting myself pumped up for another productive workday.