“A brand is an impression (both tangible and intangible) that a company leaves in the minds of its target audience. In order for a brand to continue to grow and improve, it must be trustworthy, relevant, and deliver something of value to those that it seeks to serve. Products and processes come and go or can be replicated. A brand, on the other hand, is something more permanent.”

Brand Experience

I have had the privilege of working with multinational corporations, joint venture companies, as well as Chinese government agencies to help them understand and develop a relevant brand strategy for what is perhaps one of the most fascinating and challenging markets in the world: China. It’s interesting to see how technology has been instrumental in improving the way we develop and implement campaigns, but ultimately it’s also about welcoming change, being able to adapt to the dynamic environment around you and creating or delivering experiences that are valuable to your target audience. An important part of my role is also to be a good listener who helps clients to proactively address their challenges and pain points, and help them to maximize the potential of their brands.

Life Experience

Growing up in a family of polyglots has influenced my interest for foreign languages, so my fascination for other countries and cultures began at a very young age. I also enjoy traveling to different countries and places, as I believe that this will help me to “open the doors” into the lives of others, and most importantly it also helps me to appreciate what I have.