Mainstream is boring, uniqueness speaks volumes. Branding is about creating a space to shine. There will always be newcomers, but a good brand image acts as an intangible force to help stand the test of time.

Brand Experience

Working as a digital strategist is full of instability. The most intriguing part to me, is that I get to meet people from different walks of life, our paths intertwine and in the end both professional skills and network grow exponentially. I’ve consulted and executed several projects in Technology, Automobile, FMGG, Luxury, Finance etc. Striving for maximum potential for clients brings me a sense of fulfillment.

Life Experience

Settling down is out of date to me. I’ve been working with German co-workers at the foot of Alps Mountain, and doing business development with Dutch colleagues across tons of art museums in Amsterdam; I’ve been involved in growth hacking projects with a French tech team, and participated in voluntary work together with African girls.

A life spinning at hyper speed is amazing. So is China’s digital world. That’s the rationale behind my decision to put away the safety blanket and fully immerse myself into such a sink-or-swim game.