“Believe it or not, there’s more to marketing than just creative. At the heart of every project there’s a budget, timeline, and analytics that must be closely managed to ensure success.”

Brand Experience

I was lucky enough to accidentally step into the advertising world through my finance career (it’s a long story), thus the reason I’m a numbers girl at heart. My life revolves around schedules and finances. I love to juggle multiple projects at once and strive to be super-duper organized. Logical thinking is my number one priority — and it drives some of my creative-minded co-workers crazy.

Life Experience

I recently got a fortune that said in my later years I will be a great philanthropist. I hope that is true because what makes me happiest is helping others in any way, shape or form. So, I love being a part of the process that gives brands a voice, and helps them to spread their message and accomplish their missions. I’m also a mother of two young girls, so I try to keep sane by attending as many yoga classes as possible in any given week. Although I love my job, being a mom is my favorite part of every day.